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Database IntellegenceNo detective agency can function properly without access to information which serves as a source of intelligence for investigators in their activities. Intelligence is the lifeblood of an investigation. We have access to the following information for our investigations which are even provided confidentially to our clients:



Property Searches: Credit Checks:

Deeds Office Person
We are able to provide information for an individual, company, close corporation or trust whose details are registered in the Deeds Office.

Deeds Office Property
We can obtain information about a property that is registered in the Deeds Office.

Deeds Office Document
We can obtain information about a document that is registered in the Deeds Office.


Consumer Credit Profile
A consumer credit profile is a review of an individual’s profile on the payment of their financial obligations to credit grantors like banks but is also useful in pre employment investigations

Principal Link
A principal link brings together the personal details of the individual and any current business interest that the individual may hold. The status of all companies that the principal is linked to can also be established which brings peace of mind to a client who knows the full business picture behind an individual.

Business Profile
A business profile is a review of an organization’s profile on the payment of their financial obligations to credit grantors like banks. This information can help assess the risk involved in granting credit.

Company Searches: Verification of Driver’s Licence:

We are able to search for companies, close corporations or organizations registered in South Africa.

Director Search
We can obtain statutory details on directors or members that are registered with companies, close corporations or organizations in South Africa. The information includes ID numbers, company status, director type, appointment date and resignation date (where applicable).

Through our databases, we are able verify whether an individual has a valid driver’s licence anywhere in the Republic of South Africa. It is useful as you are able to determine whether the individual has a fraudulent licence.

Verification of Identity Numbers: Criminal Record Checks:

It is also possible to verify the ID number of an individual against the Population Register which helps avoid the use of false ID’s, or those belonging to deceased or emigrated persons. Identity numbers which are genuine are verified as such.

With the aid of our databases, it is also possible to check if an individual has a criminal record within South Africa or whether there are pending criminal proceedings against him/her.

Verification of Academic Qualifications: Verification of Employment History:

Our intelligence network also enables us to verify the academic qualifications of an individual in South Africa. The matric certificate of a person can also be authenticated by our network.

The employment history of an individual can also be verified in South Africa to determine if the person has genuinely been employed by previous employers.
Vehicle Checks: Verification of firearm licence:

We are able to obtain the following information on vehicles:

- Tracing of registration numbers
- Date of First Registration
- Car Status (used, rebuilt or new)
- Police status (registered, stolen, written off)
- Vehicle type
- Registered owner

It is also possible for us to verify the firearm licence of an individual within South Africa which is usually done for companies that are employing security guards and bodyguards.

Verification of Marital Status: text

Through our databases we can verify whether an individual is married within South Africa and the date that the marriage was registered.



Black Hawk Investigations conducts all of its activities professionally and discretely with due respect for our clients privacy.

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