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It is a well known fact that nearly all businesses are victims of internal fraud and theft which results in immense losses for a company. The South African government estimates that 82% of companies are affected by fraud and theft per year which results in losses stretching into billions of rands per annum.

Black Hawk Investigations specializes in the investigation of fraud and theft for corporations that experience losses from these crimes. The following crucial factors differs us from normal investigators:

- An Investigation File is opened for each case which closely resembles a police docket and a case number is assigned to the client. Statements are taken from the complainant and eye witnesses and kept in the file which also contains an investigation diary to keep track of the case. Interviews are also conducted with suspects and witnesses to aid in the investigation and this information is recorded in the investigation file. In the event that the police lose the case docket, the Investigation File containing crucial evidence and information can prevent the crime investigation process from becoming derailed.

- We then polygraph the suspects and those who fail the test are then placed on paid suspension pending the outcome of further investigations. We then thoroughly investigate the matter and if needs be, the services of other outside experts are called in to assist in the investigations.

- Once the investigations are completed, a disciplinary hearing is conducted to dismiss those individuals guilty of the offence and the matter is followed all the way through to the CCMA if needs be.

- Once the hearings are completed, a full investigative report is compiled and handed to our client and the SAPS with whom we continue to work alongside with in order to ensure a successful criminal prosecution of the case. We work with the police and prosecuting authorities to continue any further investigations and ensure that relevant documentation like cellular phone records and bank statements are subpoenaed for investigative purposes.

- In addition to this, we have access to a vast network of databases to provide us with intelligence during our investigations. However the sources of our intelligence are confidential.

- Upon completion of the investigation, the entire investigation file is then stored electronically and secured with a password.

Furthermore Black Hawk Investigations also possesses the ability to investigate incidents of workplace violence, employee intimidation and industrial sabotage.

Black Hawk Investigations conducts all of its activities professionally and discretely with due respect for our clients privacy.

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